The Correct Method To Installing An Anti-virus Program On The Computer

There is a correct procedure to any processes and the installation of an anti-virus is a crucial part of providing the necessary protection to a computer, be it a desktop or a laptop.  Often when the procedure is done wrong, the effectiveness of the entire program is affected thus in many instances needing it to be re-installed.  Thus the proper steps would present the most efficient method to the whole process.

Removing an older anti-virus program

Ideally an anti-virus is best installed on a system that has been newly formatted.  But this chance is now more in the rarity than in common occurrence.  As a pre-cursor to removing any installed anti-virus the computer must be disconnected from the internet.  This is a simple enough procedure and would in most instances just require the cable to be pulled out from the relevant socket.

On most occasions the anti-virus can be uninstalled by going to the setting section and choosing to do a routine un-installation.  This is a fairly easy thing to do that need not strain the person on the thinking.  There are occasions however, that require complex controls to be disabled before the anti-virus can be effectively uninstalled.

Do follow whatever steps are required to make a complete removal of the entire software.

Getting the new program installed

After having completely removed the old anti-virus, the new software is installed in its place.  Most installations would be a straight forward affair and in case there are some special applications then it would be necessary to attempt a custom settings installation.  The levels of sophistications and controls that most software comes in these days would enable the installation of the most complex of anti-viruses a simple affair.

Updating the files of the system

After the complete installation process is over, the anti-virus files need to be updated to reflect the latest by way of threats and practices in the industry.  This needs the connection of the system to the internet and further updating of the virus data base. Once this process is carried out, the anti-virus program is ready to function in full flow.

The first scan and its importance

The very first scan that an anti-virus performs on the system determines the level of protection and deterrence needed and this makes it necessary and important to be carried out.  Sufficient time must be spared to have this done at the earliest to ensure a totally integral system.

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