Is there something wrong with my hard drive?

A while ago the sound in my computer stopped so I can’t watch moviesĀ I don’t really want to open up my hard drive box and poke around because I don’t want to break my warranty.

I have tried increasing the sound in windows and it doesn’t work. My computer is a compaq and it’s using windows. thanks for help!

You’re going to need a magnetized hammer to fix that. A 10-pound sledge with a magnetic field of about 10,000 gauss ought to do the trick. Just tap the volume buttons with it a couple of times (good hard taps), and your worries will be over.

Are your cables connected?

Is the volume not muted? – double click on the speaker icon right next to the clock and verify all the settings for each channel. Unmute them all except recording chans such as microphone and line-in and put the faders wide open.

Are your speakers powered on?

If not then maybe your soundcard has gone to meet its maker.

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