iOS – More Secure, private and protected system for iPhone Family

What does iOS stand for?

The credit goes to Apple Company which first introduced the new iconic ‘i’ branding with the iMac in 1998. Steve jobs made the primary meaning of it as- “..comes from the marriage of excitement of the Internet, with the Simplicity of Macintosh” and announced it during its first disclosure to the public. Beyond the reference to the Internet, he also noted that iMac focuses on consumers as well as education market that fit in with the other ‘i’ themes of Individuality, Instruction, Information and Inspiration.

iPhone is safe and sound:

An iOS is a more secure platform than Android. iOS is not invincible and it’s very perilous for iPhone users if they assume that it is.

iPhones are more private:

There are two main reasons backing up the above statement. One is the privacy measures that were built into Apple’s Smartphones particularly with respect to the new generation iPhone and the statements and actions that Apple has made in support of user privacy.

iPhone privacy measures a lot:

It is not just talking and discussing about passwords and fingerprints, although these things can help to protect your data. One major element that has to be considered is that the iPhone locks up for successively longer and longer periods the more times you get the passcode wrong, in order to prevent probable hackers from ‘brute-forcing’ the password and if get it wrong greater than 10 times, the phone locks down forever. It is also not just highlighting about the end-to-end encryption of Apple added to iMessage. There’s something certainly better than all this, especially in the more recent generations of the iPhone.

In addition to the above, introducing Touch ID, the iPhone 5s have become the first iPhone in featuring a security measure which Apple names the Secure Enclave, a sub-section of the processor chip that stores the fingerprints and other security-critical data. It is also a crucial part of the encryption setup.

iOS is additional user-friendly:

Most of the iPhone users personally think that iOS is easier, easily accessible, more convenient and enjoyable to use than Android version phones. It has also appeared that a lot of fellow Smartphone users agreed since iOS users are typically more loyal to the platform than their Android counterparts. Once people who have tried the iPhone started tending towards it and got stuck with it. Henceforth, iPhone and iPad have become the most powerful, excellent, personal and intelligent devices due to their special operating system called iOS.

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