How to change the name of an iPhone or Android as a Bluetooth device

If you’re using an Android or iPhone smartphone, you might want to know how you can change your name so you can identify it more easily when you connect to it via Bluetooth.

Any device with Bluetooth connectivity has a name. It does not have to be unique and, most of the time, it can be changed. The only set of circumstances in which this principle is not applicable is simple gadgets, such as a hands-free kid or a Bluetooth speaker.

Problems arise when there are more people with Bluetooth equipment in a small space and you can not find yours. Nothing is upsetting than trying to pair your car with your car just to figure out the car has identified ten other phones around you and you do not know what yours is.

Fortunately, no matter if you have an Android or an iPhone, you do not have to go through very complex operations to change their names.

In the case of an iPhone, the name you define will also be displayed on the wireless network section on another device, once you have enabled your hotspot on iDevice. To do so, go to Settings or Settings at the General tab and opt for the first button at the top of the Information screen. Make an extra tap on Name. Type the name you want and go back to the previous screen by tapping on the top left.

On an Android smartphone, go to the Connected Device Settings section and make a Bluetooth tap at the top of the screen. Opens the top left menu, behind the three points and click on Rename this device. The keyboard will immediately appear on the screen and you can replace the default device name with the one you want. Confirm it by tapping Rename.

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